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LG Scaldaqua Heat Pump

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LG Scaldaqua Heat Pump
LG Scaldaqua Heat Pump

Monobloc floor-standing LG inverter heat pump water heater with a modern design, with 200lt boiler for domestic hot water production.

The technological advantages of heat pump appliances are considerably increasing their diffusion: they are efficient and allow savings both from an energy and an economic point of view.

Heat pump technology has been used for some time in residential air conditioning and heating systems, but given the high efficiency, this technology is also gaining traction in domestic water heaters , commonly called boilers. Unlike the electric or gas water heater, this new type has no problems with combustible gas emissions and the operating principle is based on a heat exchange with the outside air.

How a heat pump water heater works

By schematizing (and slightly simplifying) the operation of a heat pump water heater , here's how the water is heated:

  • exchange between the refrigerant gas and external air;
  • the compressor compresses the gas bringing it to a liquid state and sends it to the circuit that surrounds the tank;
  • here it expands returning again to the gaseous form, releasing the heat acquired from the air and heating the water contained in the tank;
  • finally it returns to the external circuit which brings it back to the gaseous state and then repeats the cycle again.

By associating an electrical resistance to the heat pump it is possible to guarantee continuous heating in any condition.

The ecological and savings advantages of heat pumps

Until now, conventional domestic hot water production systems have been powered by fossil sources and electricity (with gas boilers or electric boilers), neglecting the environmental impact. To meet the growing demand for low environmental impact solutions, LG has further developed its heat pump technology to make it even more efficient and environmentally friendly. Thanks to the LG inverter technology that characterizes the compressors used in heat pumps, LG water heaters are particularly efficient and allow for high energy savings and a reduction in bill costs.

The advantages of LG water heaters

The LG heat pump water heater , presented at CES 2021, is the first on the market to use a DUAL Inverter compressor capable of achieving energy efficiency levels at the top of the market. The DUAL Inverter compressor is in fact able to operate even at very low frequencies (up to 10 Hz): this translates into energy savings of up to 70% compared to an electric water heater.

The Turbo mode, on the other hand, operates at high frequencies (up to 80 Hz), guaranteeing the achievement of the temperature target 30% faster and allowing a 25% higher temperature, compared to the Auto mode, after one hour from emptying the tank.

The DUAL Inverter system uses two rotors that balance each other when spinning at high speed, the noise is significantly reduced compared to a single rotor compressor and the reduction of vibrations reduces the possibility of fractures in the surrounding pipes , while conferring extreme stability.

LG water heater solutions are extremely elegant and silent, so they can be installed in any corner of the house, from the basement to the laundry room, to the bathroom. Unlike other heat pump water heaters, the LG ones do not require the installation of an outdoor unit but are of the monobloc floor-standing type.

Furthermore, LG water heaters are part of the LG ThinQ TM ecosystem : they integrate an automatic diagnosis system to safeguard correct operation and are remotely controllable via a practical smartphone application.


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