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Multi Split System

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Multi Split System
Multi Split System

Vivax air conditioners are known as top quality devices. In addition to the design that can fit into any space, they are distinguished by the latest technologies that enable advanced functionality, and with concern for environmental protection they are among the most economical air conditioners that can be found on the market. Vivax air conditioners can be operated using a smart phone even in moments when you are away from them.

Pleasant, tempered and clean air is the first prerequisite to feel comfortable in any space. In doing so, the noise level is extremely important, and Vivax air conditioners, due to the latest technological advances, contribute to the extremely quiet operation of cooling and heating.

Vivax air conditioners are now the BEST BUY product for each customer. Vivax in its offer has a wide range of air conditioners, from mono wall split systems, multi-inverter wall, floor and cluster systems, mobile air conditioners, all the way to floor-ceiling, channel and cluster commercial devices. With Vivax assortment of air conditioners, we are able to respond to all the needs of the market.


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