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Solar Water Heater

Solar Water Heater

Solar Engineering Ltd designs commercial and industrial solar thermal energy systems, that cover a large variety of needs such as pool heating, supplementary house heating, as well as combined systems that are custom made for each application.

The design process includes analysis of the climatic data, as well as simulation of the system`s operation.

The scope is to provide optimum system configuration along with system performance results, economic evaluation, before the system is actually installed. Specialized know-how combined with our experience in this section since 2006, enables us to design cost-efficient and reliable solar thermal systems.

The new series of selective water heaters HFPX combines ultra high performance with top strength and reliability. The HFPX solar water heaters series products is equipped with solar tanks made of stainless steel 316L solar panels and selective surface copper oxide coated titanium vacuum. The new HFPX series is a top choice of solar water level of performance and quality.

  • Stainless steel solar tank
  • Full Plate Copper solar collector ultrasonic welded
  • Galvanized fixing brackets

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